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Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Dog Policy

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial is Dog Friendly

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial is a unit of Minidoka National Historic Site (Jerome ID), but is located over 600 miles away on Bainbridge Island WA.

The first Japanese-Americans to be forcefully interred during World War II (the vast majority of whom were born in the U.S. and were U.S. citizens), were taken from Bainbridge Island near Seattle and interred (eventually) at the Relocation Center in Idaho.

The memorial consists of a granite, basalt, and red cedar memorial wall, a pavilion with historical informational displays, a reproduction of the departure deck at Eagle Harbor the Japanese-Americans last walked on as they left their homes behind and journeyed to their imprisonment, and a path focusing on the aftermath of internment and the United States' apology to all excluded Japanese-Americans. Visitors can learn about the site’s legacy – Nidoto Nai Yoni (“Let It Not Happen Again”).

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial is dog friendly - dogs are allowed throughout the outdoor areas of the memorial.

The memorial is also connected to the 50-acre Joel Pritchard Park, which includes trails, a beachfront area, and scenic views of Seattle and Mount Rainier.


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