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Capulin Volcano Dog Policy

Capulin Volcano National Monument is Somewhat Dog Friendly

Dogs Limited
Dogs Allowed
with 6' Leash & Exceptions []

Capulin Volcano National Monument preserves the Capulin Volcano inside the Raton-Clayton Volcanic field. The site offers spectacular views and great night sky viewing most times of the year. You can see four states from the top of rim. The park offers hiking, astronomy, a visitor center with a number of activities, and they even have an art contest.

Capulin Volcano National Monument is somewhat dog friendly. Dogs are allowed on one short trail, and along many of the roads, and you'll be able to enjoy many of the great views. However, you'll miss out on the main attractions here if you bring your dog, as dogs are not allowed on most trails and not allowed on the Volcanic Road.


Trail Policy

Dogs are allowed on the short Nature Trail next to the visitor center while on a leash no longer than 6', but they are not allowed on any of the other trails.

Road Policy

Dogs are allowed along public roads, and within 25' of the roads, other than the Volcanic Road.

Location & Map

New Mexico

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