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Charles Pinckney Dog Policy

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is Somewhat Dog Friendly

Dogs Allowed
with 6' Leash []

Charles Pinckney was one of the main authors and signers of the United States Constitution. Charles Pinckney National Historic Site preserves the remainder of his plantation in the lowcountry of South Carolina and explores the history of the founding father and the enslaved African Americans who worked on the plantation. The site contains a visitor center and museum that includes historical films, as well as a short hiking trail on the remains of the plantation.

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is somewhat dog friendly. Dogs are allowed on the grounds and the short trail while on a leash, but they are not allowed inside the visitor center/museum, so you'll miss out on some of the main attraction by bringing a dog.


Pet Policy Details
0.051 mi2
Annual Visitors

Trail Policy

Dogs are allowed on the .5 mile hiking trail while on a leash no longer than 6'.

Location & Map

South Carolina
Mt. Pleasant

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