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Congaree Dog Policy

Congaree National Park is Very Dog Friendly

Dogs Allowed
with 6' Leash []
Dogs Allowed
with 6' Leash []

This park is located on the north bank of the Congaree River and boasts the largest setion of old growth lowland forest remaining in the southeast United States. There are many very tall trees and rivch biodiversity in the floodplain fed by the waters of the Congaree and Wateree Rivers. The park boasts a number of trails, including an elevated boardwalk which avoids seasonal flooding.

Congaree National Park is very pet friendly, and dogs are allowed on all the trails and in the campgrounds. There are a number of trails at Congaree, including an elevated boardwalk trail. Some trails may be difficult and wet at some times of the year, but there is a lot of scenery, and the opportunity to view wildlife such as turkeys and deer. Additionally, the Firefly Trail has a great light show from fireflies on late spring evenings.

Please note that you can't leave your dog unattended here, though.


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Trail Policy

Dogs are allowed on all trails at Congaree while on a 6' leash, including on the boardwalk.

Campground Policy

Dogs are allowed in campgrounds while on a 6' leash.

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South Carolina

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