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Fire Island Dog Policy

Fire Island National Seashore is Somewhat Dog Friendly

Dogs Allowed
with 6' Leash []
Dogs Limited

Fire Island National Seashore encompasses maritime forests, dunes, historic landmarks, a variety of wildlife, and great beaches.

Fire Island National Seashore is somewhat dog friendly. The beach policy changes through the year (see below) -- dogs are allowed on all beaches during the colder months, but only allowed on bay side (not ocean side) beaches from March 15 → Labor Day. Dogs are also allowed on boardwalks, but dogs are not allowed in buildings or picnic areas.

Dogs are allowed on private boats and on the following ferries:

  • From Patchogue to Watch Hill or Davis Park on Fire Island
  • From Sayville to Sailors Haven, Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines and Water Island
  • Bay Shore to the western Fire Island communities
  • Fire Island Water Taxi


Campground Policy

Dogs are allowed in the campground.

Beach Policy

The dog policy for beaches on Fire Island is different depending on the time of year.

In the warmer months, between March 15 and Labor Day, dogs:

  • Are NOT allowed on Ocean side beaches
  • Are allowed on Bay side beaches

In the colder months, between Labor Day and March 15, dogs:

  • Are allowed on all beaches

Much of the reason for closures in the warmer months are the many birds that nest on the Ocean side beaches. Dogs would disturb nesting birds if they were allowed on ocean-side beaches while the birds are there.

Location & Map

New York


Warning: Hunting is allowed at this location. Please be aware of and familiarize yourself with hunting seasons, and exercise appropriate caution with your dog. During hunting season(s), you may also want to consider having your dog wear a blaze orange vest.

For more information on hunting seasons and policies, please see:

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