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Mount Rushmore Dog Policy

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is Somewhat Dog Friendly

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Mount Rushmore features the busts of four former US presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into the mountainside. Mount Rushmore features the history of the United States presidents as well as the history of Native Americans in the area.

Mount Rushmore is somewhat dog friendly. Dogs are only allowed in the parking area (and the green areas surrounding the parking garages) and on the Blackberry Trail (see below). They are not allowed closer up to the actual carvings, so you'll miss out on the good views if you bring your dog and don't have anyone to watch him or her.


Trail Policy

While on a leash, dogs are allowed on the Blackberry Trail, which is about 1 mile long, and connects to Back Hills National Forest. The trail is moderately strenuous, and the trailhead is directly across from the parking lot/parking garage.

Location & Map

South Dakota

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